The Case For Qualitative Research In Finance 18apr Jib

The Case for Qualitative Research in Finance (Bettner et al., 1994)

The existing paradigm in finance research is quantitative research (or capital market research) for example; testing the theories, developing the models to predict or explain the movements of asset price such as stock, bond, option, etc. The popular topics in quantitative finance research are

  • Efficient Markets Hypothesis
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Option Pricing Model
  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory

The new paradigm this paper would like to introduce is doing qualitative research in finance. This paper believes that the qualitative research is not a substitution to quantitative research but a complementary.

Mark S. Bettner, Chris Robinson, & Elton Mcgoun. 1994. The Case for Qualitative Research in Finance. International Review of Financial Analysis, 3(1), 1 – 18.

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